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 Biocube, Inc. (the “Company”) entered into a Joint Venture Agreement (the “JV Agreement”) with IUT Medical GmbH (“IUT”), a German corporation specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of chemical analytic sensors and devices (collectively, the “Venturers”). The purpose of the JV Agreement is to form a separate entity that will exclusively distribute worldwide

  a device capable of detecting marijuana in breath (the “BT Device”)

In addition, the entity will be the exclusive distributor in the United States and Canada for other products manufactured by IUT including

a Toxic Gas / Explosives Detector for Shipping Containers.

Pursuant to the terms of the JV Agreement, IUT licensed certain intellectual property and know-how to IUT Tech. to facilitate the development of the BT Device. IUT also granted IUT Tech. the exclusive right to distribute the BT Device worldwide and the exclusive right to distribute Other IUT Products in the United States and Canada. In exchange for IUT’s obligations and efforts, the Company issued IUT Two Million (2,000,000) restricted shares of its common stock.

The initial ownership of IUT Tech. is allocated between the Venturers as follows: 51% to the Company and 49% to IUT. The JV Agreement is for an indefinite term.

Since 1998 the air condition system of the, Reichstag, the German Parliament has been equipped with a complex IMS-system from IUT Technologies.

IUT Medical is developer and manufacturer of trace gas analyzers for industrial- and environmental monitoring and for solutions in the homeland security and building protection. The applications which can be covered range from ambient air monitoring, process monitoring, stack monitoring to semiconductor and safety at work application to the detection of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) in homeland security and CBRN detection.

The main technologies for the high sensitive detection and identification are based on Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) and Photo Ionization as Photo Ionization Detector (PID). These technologies are even coupled to gas-chromatographic column (GC) to GCIMS and GC-PID systems and makes IUT Medical to one of the leading companies world-wide.

These Technologies are offered as stationary and mobile device in different housings and for different applications.

The stationary gas analyzers are offered as 19-inch rack or wall mounted NEMA 4X versions. They can be combined with dilution-, EXprotection as a purge system and even Multi-Point-Sampler (MPS) and calibrator units. The enclosure can range from Class 1 Division 1 to general purpose.

All standard interfaces are offered, as USB/RS-232, 4-20 mA current loop and even Ethernet connection with MODBUS protocol. If needed digital in/out interfaces are provided. Automatic SPAN/ZERO calibration is foreseen.

 The mobile analyzers are offered in a small housing with enclosure of IP 55 and with an internal rechargeable battery which makes the analyzer best suitable for mobile use. With these mobile trace gas analyzers gases can be detected and identified without any enrichment directly in situ already at a very low concentration level. The analysis including sampling and identification process takes only few seconds to few minutes depending on the GC-set-up. They can operate either in manual or in automatic detection mode. The standard operation time for our mobile devices is about 8 hours.

Drug Detection IUT Medical has a lot of different experiences in the field of drug detection. Our products in this field are IMS devices in stationary applications for particle detection in interlock and swipe tests. The Company also has a mobile device for swipe tests. The IMS-Technologies offers a new quality of sensitive measurement of narcotics. The advantage is also the separation of the single narcotics. That means every calibrated narcotic can measured alone or in mixture. The detection limit are in the lower ng range.MDMA, MDEA, THC, Cocaine and other narcotics are detectable with the Company's CannaSens THC Breathalyzer by narcotics in the breathing air. To use this application we developed a special tube which is concentrating the substances in the breathing air and forward it to the IMS, THC Breathalyzer.

In Germany the following permission for narcotics in blood are valid:
· Cannabis (THC) 1 ng/ml
· Cocaine 10 ng/ml
· Amphetamine 25 ng/ml

The concentration in the breathing air is much less than the blood concentration, but the IUT Medical IMS analyzer can detect such concentrations. This way we can detect in a minute if the person has abused narcotics or not and saves time over testing blood or urine.

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