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Important Disclaimer

The Foothills Group is a private research firm specializing in very early stage micro-cap companies. We do not receive any compensation from any company for inclusion on this web site
and do not take money for promotional services from any company.

In other words    We are owned by no-one.

The Foothills Group, may, on occasion, offer investor relations services to startup companies on a volunteer basis however we are not paid for these services and hand over investor relations services
once the company is established.

We are not an investor relations or promotion firm.

Our main objective is to research new micro-cap companies to mitigate losses and reduce the risk factor of our investments.  The average yearly return on our investments has been between 64% and 117% yearly.
HOWEVER  that is not an indicator of future gains and should not be relied on as an indicator of future returns. This is very high risk speculation in young startup public companies, losses can be extreme. 

We are not financial advisors, this web site is for informational purposes only to aid those interested in finding out more about the companies listed, the companies presented all have links to their official websites and this website should be used only as part of any discovery process.

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