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Massive potential Lithium Deposit

Kibby Basin, Esmeralda County,


Kibby Basin is located in the western portion of the Great Basin in Nevada. The regional tectonic and structural setting is complex. Lithology and physiography, in particular, reflect this complexity with a wide range of rock ages (Precambrian to recent) and a diverse distribution of rock types (metamorphic-volcanic-igneous-sedimentary
-surficial unconsolidated sediments). However, the visible surface of the property geology is simple. The surface rocks consist exclusively of Quaternary Alluvium and unconsolidated playa sand, gravel, and clay. No faults, folds, or additional structural elements occur on the surface within the claim area.
There is no mineralization known on the Property and there is no prior mineral ownership. Belmont has not done any exploration and there is no known previous exploration activity or production for the Kibby Basin Property.
The Kibby Basin Property is an early stage exploration project that warrants further work. As is typical, the data available are limited. However, due to the regional setting, extensive information is available from academic, government, and professional public Domain sources.
Using a continental-brine lithium model based on Clayton Valley, the available data is useful and sufficient to review and discuss the Property. Regional and property-wide geology reviewed for the Kibby Basin Property shows key features that are similar to the known lithium mine area at Silver Peak-Clayton Valley.

1. The setting of Kibby Flat within the Monte Cristo Valley indicates a basin large enough to develop layers that could act as aquifers.
2. Regional gravity data suggest a basin with sufficient depth to provide enough volume of Quaternary sediments to host aquifers of sufficient extent.
3. Groundwater is present and widespread.
4. Geothermal indicators suggest an area with locally higher heat-flow.

Belmont Resources Inc.


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Belmont Resources Inc. (the “Company” or “Belmont”) entered into a Mineral Property Acquisition Agreement to purchase 100% right, title, and interest in the Kibby Basin Association Placer Mining Claims (the “Property”). Belmont is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV:BEA) the corporate office is located in Vancouver, B.C.

The property covers 6,820 acres (2760 ha) located in Esmeralda County, Nevada centered on
UTM coordinates 431,624E/4,243747N.
The claims are within sections 29, 30, 31, & 32, T6N/R37.5E and sections 25 & 26, T6N/R37E.
They are 35.8 direct air miles northwest of Tonopah, Nevada.
Tenure consists of 16 unpatented association placer mining claims (160 acres each) covering 2,560 acres on United States public lands under the management of the Bureau of Land Management. Belmont holds the claims via a Mineral Property Acquisition Agreement made on March 29th, 2016 with Zimtu Capital
Corp which was amended April 15, 2016